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Spinlock; 10 Best Ways to Prevent Man Overboard

There are no circumstances when you are better off in the water than out of it...
As part of an active approach towards on deck safety, Spinlock has collected the latest expert advice on the 'Best Ways to Prevent Man Overboard'.

10 Best Ways to Prevent Man Overboard

1. Tighten lifelines and jackline. These lines are essential for containing a fall safely. Keep them taut, replace any damaged or corroded terminations; specify a low stretch jacklines.

2. Add strong points and handholds. Vital at workstations, and for moving and clipping inboard of the jackstay and especially on bigger, wider decks.

3. Good foothold. Wear footwear that grips well on a heeled deck when wet. Fit non-skid deck patches where necessary.

4. Wear a combined harness and life jacket. Wearing a life jacket on its own won’t keep you out of the water-only a clipped-on harness will. Wear the combination.

5. Be ready to clip on. Always be ready to clip on, when sailing short handed, at night, in poor visibility or in heavier weather. Novices, children and the less able should clip on in all weathers.

6. Wear it for them too. Wear a life jacket harness and clip on, mainly out of consideration for the skipper, fellow crew and those who might have to come to your rescue.

7. Make sure it fits. If the life jacket harness is a good fit around your lower ribs it will do its job in a fall. If unfastened or flapping around your waist it can’t be a reliable harness or a reliable life jacket.

8. Stay clipped on. For most conditions choose a light, compact tether that won’t get in the way. A double clip tether in bad weather avoids unclipping when crossing the deck. (Always wear a safe knife in case you need to cut the line fast.)

9. Look after your kit. Fibers degrade in strong sun, in damp salt conditions and especially from abrasion. Destroy any tether showing wear or contamination or after any heavy fall. Store all life jackets, harnesses and tethers in a dry place

10. Trust your own kit. If you look after your own life jacket, harness and tether you’ll know you can trust them more than anything provided or borrowed.

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