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Wet and Dry Suits for Sailors

Summer is behind us and the seasons will be changing before our eyes. You want to make sure you’re informed and prepared for all the elements you might face.

Wetsuits are worn in warmer weather temperatures. These suits are generally made of a material called Neoprene, which offers the user a level of insulation.  Be aware because wetsuits are NOT designed to keep water out, you will get wet. There are many designs for wetsuits such as full body, long/short-john, and just tops. They all provide the same level of durability but it just depends on the preference of the wearer.

Cold water does not just bring the sudden rush of chills down your back; it can cause serious damage if not taking the proper precautions. For these bitter temperatures, drysuits act as a protective layer between you and the water. They are packed with layers of insulation to eliminate contact with the water. With the chilling air coming in quick, drysuit season is back in full force.

Featured Sailing Wet Suits

Gill Hurakan Shorti Wetsuit

 Gill Hurakan Shorti Wetsuit

This wetsuit is designed specifically for dinghy sailing. The Gill Hurakan Shorti offers maximum flexibility and movement for wearers.


  1. Inside key pocket
  2. No seams on underarm for comfort
  3. 3/2mm
  4. Di-Guard seat for added protection
  5. TPM gravel skin on upper arms for durability and reduced wind-chill
  6. Comfortable collar setup with loop Velcro neoprene

Zhik SuperWarm Skiff Suit

Zhik SuperWarm Skiff Suit
SuperWarm is designed for flexible racing in cold water conditions. Reflective thermal layer combined with water repellent outer, insulation, and inner fleece helps keep you warm on even the coldest days.


  1. LooRip convenience
  2. 3mm Superstretch quad layer
  3. Neoprene Watertight glued and blindstiched seams
  4. ZhikTex rear and knee panel abrasion resistant padding
  5. Water repellent nylon outer

Magic Marine Cub Long John

Magic Marine Cub Long John
This unisex suit offers comfort, insulation, and durability for all users.


  1. Easy entry shoulder straps
  2. Diamond reinforced seat part, shinbone, & knees
  3. Thermo plush on the inside for warmth, comfort
  4. Pro Pads attachment capability

Featured Sailing Dry Suits

 Gill Pro Drysuit

 Gill Pro Drysuit

This suit is worn by thousands of college sailors in cold conditions. It is ideal for surface water sports and being in the water for short periods of time. It is not recommended for great depths as it has not been tested for this purpose.


  1. Elastic waist
  2. Durable Dynat waterproof zipper
  3. Low profile thigh cargo pocket
  4. Reinforced knees and seat for extra durability
  5. Full taped seams

Musto HPX Ocean Drysuit

Musto HPX Ocean Drysuit
Musto provides defense from all the elements covering wind, waves, and rain. It’s multi-layered fleece lining offers comfort and protection from the fierce temperatures. This drysuit is built for the most extreme sailing conditions.


  1. Fleece lined collar
  2. Lightweight, flexible front zip
  3. Provides 2-3 hours survival time in water of 5C
  4. Protective latex neck & wrist seals
  5. Chest handwarmer pockets
  6. Spume face protective visor
  7. Extra wide adjustable ankle cuffs
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