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Product Spotlight: Laser Mark II Sail

Product Spotlight: Laser Mark II Sail

The highly anticipated Mark II (MK II) sail released earlier this year by Laser Performance has taken the sailing world by storm.

With the bi-radial construction, the MK II is designed to last through the elements. The upper spars have a new luff tube design with optimized sail patches for a longer lasting sail.

Laser MKII Sail

Key Features of the Mark II Sail

  • Bi-radial construction
    • Designed to match the load paths you may see while on the water.
  • Large windows
    • Allows sailors to picture the race and see the competition a little better.
  • Luff tube mast joint patch
    • When designing the MK II, great thought was put into decreasing the crease that comes from the mast joint to the clew.
  • Tapered battens with velcro pockets
    • To keep the shape of the sail, the Mark II was designed with tapered battens to they will match up with the sail shape.
  • Patching designed for durability
    • The corners of a sail get the most pressure. With the increase in proper patching, the MK II was made to match the load paths.
Laser MKII Item #: LP94117
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