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Manufacturer Spotlight: LaserPerformance

Laser Performance

Offering a range of products from boats, sails, seitech dollies, and foils, LaserPerformance is known as one of the world’s largest producer of smaller sailboats. Also known for the Sunfish, a single-handed sailing dinghy brand that has participated in the Summer Olympics, LaserPerformance has built and maintained quality standing with the sailing community.


LaserPerformance strives to design and build sailing boats that meet all the wants and needs of sailors. With requests from some of the top sailors, they can assure their designers are experts and guarantee best in class products. LaserPerformance wants to make your sailing experience the best it can be. For all ages and levels of sailing, LaserPerformance can offer the right boat for you.


LaserPerformance strives to design and create the top products for all aspects of sailing. From single sails to full sailboats, LaserPerformance has it all.

Source: YouTube, LaserPerformance

LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup

Collegiate Sailing

Aside from their plethora of products, LaserPerformance also offers the sailing community the Collegiate Cup. Involving teams of college-aged sailors competing in a challenging open water venue, this event is perfect for short course competitive racing. All sailors will be tested on their discipline, sailing, and teamwork skillset. The LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup offers the highest level of competitive sailing for young sailors all around the world.

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