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You Know You’re a Sailor When…

By Art Vasenius 

There’s salt water in your veins. Your mantra is sail fast, live slow. You’re a sailor, and here’s how you know…

1. You’ve spent countless hours practicing knots.


Source: itstactical.com

2. You can never seem to get an even tan no matter how hard you try.


Source: tinypic.com

3. You care for your boat better than you care for your car.

Boat Care


4. Your boat is also probably cleaner than yourself.

5. You check the price of any boat that you see is "for sale" regardless of the fact that you are not planning on buying one.

6. You also have hundreds of clever boat names thought up for this boat you’re “not buying.”

Boat Names

Source: youknowyoureasailorwhen.tumblr.com

7. You daydream about being on the water while at work.


Source: youknowyoureasailorwhen.tumblr.com

8. You find yourself checking the weather, even when you’re not near the water.

9. You’ve spent more money on sailing gear and sailing clothing than anything else. Money

Source: www.geliosoft.com

10. You wish you could afford more gear.

11. You scoff at people with soft hands that call themselves "sailors."

Source: vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net

12. If it can't be fixed with duct tape, it can't be fixed at all.

13.You own a red Mount Gay Rum Barbados cap.

Red Mount Gay Rum Barbados

Source: blog.boats.com

14. You wish sailing wasn't the most misunderstood sport in the world.



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