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6 Pieces of Essential Sailing Gear

When preparing to set sail, it can be tough to figure out what is necessary to bring on your boat with you. You don’t want to forget anything but you do not want to over pack. Check out our list of 6 essential pieces of sailing gear that will get you hoisting anchors and on your way to a fun and safe sail.

  1. Harness
  2. Harness

    A great harness is essential to staying safe while on the water. It can literally save your life. A lot of sailors say that a harness can encumber your sail and be uncomfortable. The Neil Pryde Elite Harness has been said to be the most comfortable seat harness out there. Most say they don’t even realize they are wearing one at all.
  3. Wet Weather Clothes

    Wet Weather Clothes

  4. Being soaking wet during a good sail can ruin a great experience. These Gill Race Waterproof Trousers are designed not only to keep water out but to a functional pair of pants. They have a cargo pocket so you can have all your essentials in arms reach, taped seams for a great seal and it is made of a lightweight fabric so you can stay light on your feet.
  5. A Compass
  6. Compass

    When out at sea, having the right compass to know where you and your boat is at all times is a must. The Velocitek Shift has everything you could need in a compass including a 9-axis sensor that gives you the most accurate reading of your boat, a timer for racing, and it’s waterproof.

  7. A Watch
  8. A watch

    Having a watch is something that you don’t think about when packing up for a sailing trip or race. A water resistant watch like the Optimum OS series 14R Vibrating Alarm will keep you on time and ahead of the competition. The vibrating feature is such a plus because sometimes it can be too loud to hear the beeps so you won’t miss out.

  9. Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  10. Personal Floating Device

    A PFD is essential to survival in bad weather while sailing. The Spinlock Deckvest is lightweight and won’t give any unsightly tan lines. It also includes a water activated LED light. Fitting your PFD can be tough, check out how to size your personal flotation device.

  11. A Knife
  12. A Knife

    You need a knife that can cut through a least half an inch of synthetic line. With the additions of pressure from wind, a sailing line can get very tight. If your line gets tangled, things can quickly get out of hand and you need to be able to cut through immediately.

Check out all of our new sailing gear that you and your crew on the way to a safe voyage.

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