Velocitek Shift Review

Velocitek Shift

The Velocitek Shift is a state-of-the-art sailing compass that uses gyroscopes (a device consisting of a wheel) and magnetic sensors to help users track the orientation of their boat in three dimensions. As noted by Velocitek’s Chief Marketing Officer, Charles Swanson in the below video, when you use this device prior to a race, you won’t need to memorize or record reference angles. Just simply push a dedicated button to store a reference angle. 

What Users Had to Say

Here’s what two professional sailors had to say about this piece of sailing gear, as illustrated in a Velocitek video.

“It accelerates a new course change faster than our tactic compasses and it also is a much stable average.” – Bora Gulari, 2x Moth World Champion

“It was very simple for me to go upwind before the start, hit the number, and the set button. … Once the race started I immediately knew if I was lifted or headed. Just the fact that I could look and see the heather lifted number didn’t make me think too much and I was able to focus my efforts elsewhere.” – Anthony Kotoun, Moth North American Champion

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