Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Pro Sensor Review

From Spinlock, comes the latest award-winning piece of sailing gear – the Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Pro Sensor - a life jacket harness. One of the things that makes this life jacket a favorite among sailors is how lightweight it is. Many of our customers have said it’s very comfortable, which can be credited to its ergonomic sculpture. Perfect for offshore sailing and night time sailing.  In fact, Art, our dedicated staff member and a sailing veteran said this is the most comfortable and inflatable harness he has ever used. 

It’s available in three sizes: size one is 60cm – 90cm, size two is 72cm – 125 cm, and size three is 100cm – 150cm. This vest is equipped with a unique water sensitive activation system. Only water flowing upwards on the vest will cause it to activate. Additionally, a manual only firing head is available. For more information, on this deckvest, visit our website.

Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Pro
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