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The SailCube is a rotomolded boat designed to jump start your training program. It is a cost-efficient and exceptionally durable boat, high program costs and maintenance issues are gone with the wind.  The SailCube is a 3-ply rotomolded boat. It has enhanced features that make it the most durable training boat on the market. From the beginning, the SailCube was designed to work hand in hand with the International Optimist. All Optimist and SailCube rigging are interchangeable. Unlike other rotomolded boats, you can take your rudder, daggerboard and rigging directly from your SailCube and put it on your Optimist. It also has the largest cockpit area of any training pram, stronger stress areas, increased flotation, and improved sailing performance. 
What does 3-ply mean? 
3-ply indicates that there are 3 layers of polyethylene used to make the SailCube. Those 3 layers make the SailCube extremely puncture and impact resistant. Many other rotomolded boats use only 1 layer. They have to use extra material in high-stress areas in order to give them strength. This results in a very heavy boat, with some strong areas and some weak areas. A 3-ply boat has exceptional strength throughout the entire boat, and does not need any extra material. This makes the SailCube lighter than any other rotomolded pram. What are the enhanced features of the SailCube? The SailCube has been designed to be the perfect boat to learn to sail in. It has built in drag strips to protect the hull from damage while launching and retrieving. It features a simple auto-bailing system, that keeps the boat dry while sailing, and during storage! Our 3-ply production method increases flotation while saving weight. An optional 4:1 mainsheet system makes it easy for even the smallest sailors to pull their sail in. An adjustable mast step exactly the same as an Optimist makes getting a higher boom height a breeze.
How does the SailCube work hand in hand with an Optimist? 
All of the rigging on a SailCube is designed to swap in and out with that of an Optimist, and vice versa. Replacing an aging Optimist fleet with Sailcubes? You can use your current boards and spars. Unlike other training prams, the board trunk on the SailCube is the same width and length as that of an Optimist. Now you don’t have to buy new boards when your sailors step up. The mast, boom, and sprit are swappable as well, with no modification. The SailCube has almost the same dimensions as an Optimist, so your current storage solutions will work for both boats. Covers and dollies fit the SailCube just as they would an Optimist. 

How well does the SailCube sail? 
In some countries, SailCubes are allowed to sail in the Green fleet. It has been observed that the SailCube always finished in the top 30%. No other training pram can compare. 

What comes with a SailCube? 

The standard hull comes with hiking straps, auto-bailers, and a mast step. The SailCube package includes spars (mast, sprit, and boom), a sleeve sail, rudder and daggerboard, and all rigging lines. 

Why should I get a SailCube? 

Has your program declined due to maintenance costs?
Are your instructors spending too much time fixing boats instead of coaching?
Have you balked at the cost of a new Optimist?
 Have you been looking for a boat that you can teach sailing in without having to fix all the time?
Do you want a Iow maintenance sailboat for your lake or beach house? 

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