Laser Outhaul and Cunningham Upgrade Kit

Laser Outhaul and Cunningham Upgrade Kit 20014
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Item #: LP20014
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Laser XD Outhaul and Cunningham Upgrade Kit
Laser outhaul and cunningham upgrade kit; includes Harken hardware and line. 

Recently the Laser class made changes to the class rules to allow for more powerful Outhaul and Cunningham systems. This will allow the average sailor to more easily make on the fly tuning adjustments. Take 10 minutes, a screw driver and some sealant and you can install new outhaul and cunningham systems with the Laser Performance Upgrade
Also known by the new Laser Performance part number: 83065 

Performance Upgrade Includes:

  • 1 Cleat Base
  • 2 Micro Cam Cleats
  • 2 Micro Blocks
  • 2 Double Blocks with Becket
  • 1 Shackle
  • 3 feet 12-strand Spectra
  • 13 feet 16 plait pre stretched line
  • 2 Micro Blocks for Outhaul
  • 1 8 foot 5 inch 12 strand Spectra
  • 1 13 foot 16-plait pre stretched line
  • 4 Stainless Steel Fasteners

Product TypeRigging

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