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Unless you are already an Olympic-level Laser sailor, investing in the Hike Pro and training with it! will improve your performance substantially more than a new sail. The hiking bench is less expensive than a new sail and is a one time purchase. This hiking bench is designed to be portable, quickly and easily assembled or disassembled without tools, while also delivering an excellent dynamic hiking workout.

What Makes This Hiking Bench Different?

  1. This is not a static hiking bench, nor is it your grandpa’s rocking chair, though it has similarities to both. Energy you put into hiking rocks the Hike Pro. That dynamic rocking simulates flattening the boat. It lets you know how hard you are hiking–or not hiking hard enough.
  2. Collapses / assembles in about 30 seconds, NO tools required. Easily move it out of the living / TV room when done. You can just slide it under a couch or bed.
  3. It has a padded seat so you don’t need pads to replicate hiking on the boat.
  4. Double mainsheets. This takes some load off, as when you are really sailing, and also provides an arm work out. Usually suggest pulling with alternate arms to simulate sailing on one tack for a while and then tacking.
  5. The design emulates the profile of a Laser, among the most brutal of all the hiking classes. Hike Pro training will improve your hiking in all sailing dinghies.
  6. Seven resistance settings to allow for different user sizes or weights. Adjustment can be quickly changed.
  7. It’s made from a resilient, durable plastic so it is not very heavy like many other benches.

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