Sailboats for Kids: O’pen Bic

Instead of a traditional activity for children such as karate or dance, sailing is a great alternative. It builds self-confidence, self-reliance and allows your children to get in a great physical activity. There are eve boats designed specifically for children. Here are the reasons the O’pen Bic is one of our top choices in sailboats for kids. O'Pen Bic

  1. Your children don’t have to sail alone. The boats by One Design can easily fit two children as long as they do not exceed the weight limit.

  2. This sailboat is extremely safe. The O’pen Bic is built to withstand shocks and abrasion.

  3. If the boat capsizes, it is super easy to right that boat. It is 100% self-draining so there is no water in the boat while sailing or if the boat capsizes. If a sailor falls off it is simple to get back into the stern of the boat because it is completely open.

  4. You can get your boat onto the water in less than two minutes. The simple rigging allows the user to easily set sail.

  5. Ready to get your child sailing? Check out our

Ready to get your child sailing? Check out our O‘pen Bic boats sailboats for kids and anchors away!

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