Laser Performance C420 Product Spotlight


As a Laser Performance dealer, we offer the popular C420, also known as the Club 420. In 43 countries worldwide, it’s used as a youth development boat. In fact, it’s actually the world’s top training boat. If you’re wondering how safe it is, on a scale of one through 10, we give it a nine — it’s a very safe boat. In addition to being safe, it’s durable, light and strong. As noted in the Laser Performance brand’s tagline for this boat: “Young sailors get schooled and top sailors get challenged.” And they certainly do. Through using this sailboat, young sailors learn teamwork, trapeze, and spinnaker techniques that can’t be learned with single-handed boats.

The boat is 13.9 ft. in length with a mean of 5.5 ft. It has a draft that measures 2.95 ft., a mainsail area that measures nearly 80 ft., and a jib area that measures slightly over 30 ft. Its hull weight is 230 lbs. Its deck-mounted hardware is supported by tapped aluminum backing plates and it has toughened resin and plexus bond.

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