i-Sails FAQ

-1- How does the
i-Sails™compare to the official ILCA sail ?

Our sail is cut to fit the Laser mast. We use a different cloth than for the ILCA sail, a high end dinghy Dacron, slightly heavier (160 g/m2) , with a strong resin induction . With this combination, our sail provides a feeling identical to that of the official sail, with better durability.

We can also special order sails in a heavier Dacron (250g/m2) suitable for rental fleets and sailing schools. (this version of the sails not recommended to racers, as it somewhat alters the feel of the sail)

-2- Why train with a i-Sails™ sail ?

If you have unlimited budget to buy official sails, stop here - Otherwise, read on....

You train to build up your sensations, and automatic responses to puffs, waves, changes  in wind direction, etc, and to  be able to set your boat and sail  automatically. When you race, this training frees up your mind for sailing with your head "outside the boat" , watch the fleet, the puffs, adapt your strategy and build your tactics.

If you train with an old, blown up sail, you will practice the wrong behavior with the wrong settings, and will either be slow when you switch to your good, racing sail; or will spend your regatta adjusting your settings for your good sail.

With an i-Sails™ sail, you can train without worries, and without spending a lot of money on (official)  sails; and on race day, when you switch to  your official sail, you can rely on settings and habits you learned when training with  your i-Sails™!

-3- May I use my
i-Sails™ for racing ?

Possibly for your local and club non-sanctioned races. See with your race committee what they will allow.

ABSOLUTELY not for sanctioned ILCA races. The i-Sails™ sail for Laser is not, and will not be,  sanctioned for ILCA racing.

If you have friendly racing series with the same group regularly, why not update  everyone and get them on a new i-Sails™ for Laser? We have group discounts.

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