Technical Info: Musto HPX Gore-Tex Pro Shell Technology

HPX Ocean Pro Shell 


GORE-TEX® Ocean Pro Shell  is universally recognized as the most durably waterproof and breathable fabric available in the world today, ideal for long ocean or offshore cruising and racing.  HPX incorporates W.L. Gore & Associates' most efficient and durable GORE-TEX® membrane, built to withstand the most extreme environments that can be encountered.

The fabric allows moisture vapor from inside the suit to “breathe” out, whilst stopping any sea or rainwater getting in. This is achieved by having microscopic holes in the membrane, large enough to let water vapor molecules out, but much too small to let water droplets in.

Stretch HPX uses a stretch GORE-TEX® Ocean Technology membrane in a three layer laminated fabric. This revolutionary fabric has an elasticity of 30%. The result is the least restrictive, most breathable fabric for foul weather gear available.

To achieve all this, HPX fabric consists of several layers:

  1. Wind & water completely blocked
  2. Body moisture vapour passes through ePTFE micopores
  3. Outer shell fabric
  4. GORE-TEX®  ePTFE membrane
  5. Inner liner
  6. Oleophobic (oil repelling) coating

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