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Inaugural Heroes Regatta Honored Service Members

Thursday, May 22, 2014
By Art Vasenius

Heroes Regatta

On Saturday May 10, 2014, as a volunteer coach I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Heroes Regatta in Long Beach, California. What an event! Area firefighters, lifeguards, and police officers sailed on eight of the Long Beach Yacht Club’s Catalina 37 Racing Sailboats next to myself and the other coaches. The event was held to honor our service members.

It was a beautiful day for sailing, with the sun being just breath taking and the breeze being nearly perfect. The event consisted of six races. At the end, two teams tied for first place — the LB Lifeguard Team and the LBPD Detective Team, with the Lifeguards (my team) ultimately winning.

Winners Trophy

The trophy that was awarded to the winning team, pictured, was made from twisted metal from the World Trade Center. As noted by, the trophy was a reminder of our fallen heroes.

Sky to Sea Images took these stunning images, all of which can be found via their website.

Sky to Sea Sky to Sea
Sky to SeaSky to Sea

Sailing Pro Shop: Personal Sailing Safety

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
By Art Vasenius

Personal Sailing Safety
As the weather is getting nicer, more and more people will be heading out on the water to enjoy the nice weather. While sailing is a fantastic way to enjoy the nice spring days, it’s important to be prepared for anything that happens when on the water. Here are some tips and helpful hints to be safe and have a good time while out sailing:

Sailing’s More Fun With Friends

It’s perfectly fine to go out and sail on your own but having people with you out on the water not only gives you more people to share the experience with but also some help to make it more enjoyable for you.

Stay In The Know About The Weather

Always listen to a marine weather forecast before you leave the dock so you can bring along the right provisions, clothing and any other gear that you may need. Be sure to pay attention to you instruments on board while you’re out on the water so that you can adjust to sudden changes in wind and temperature, amongst other things.

Be Comfortable In The Water

Sailboats can tip over sometimes, depending of the size of the boat, so it’s important to be comfortable in the water.

Don’t Forget Your PFD

The Coast Guard says that for every person that is on a boat there should be a personal floatation device (PFD) for each person and they should be easily to get to in case they are needed. If you are sailing in bad weather or by yourself, you should always wear your personal floatation device.

Watch Out For The Boom

One of the most common sailing injuries happens when a sailor’s not being aware of where the boom is and ends up taking a blow to the head, or even worse, being knocked overboard. Being aware of where the boom is and where it’s going is integral to know when you are out on the water.

Know Your Signals In Times Of Distress

Distress signals should only be used when necessary. There are several visual distress signals that are recognized internationally. These are helpful if you lose radio contact, or if you are on a smaller boat. These signals nclude raising the national flag of your boat upside-down, either at full or half mast, raising a square flag with a ball or anything resembling a ball above or below it. You can also try to flag down a passing-by boat by slowly waiving your arms or placing an article of clothing on an oar to make a more visible flag. 

Extreme Sailing Series 2014: Highlights

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Act 3 of the Extreme Sailing Series 2014 recently concluded in China. This global tour that kicked off in late February in Singapore has seen its ups and downs. Like many sailors who have been unable to attend any acts, I’ve been following the series profusely. 

In Act 1, Team Aberdeen Singapore just may have experienced one of the most dramatic moments in the eight years the series has been being held. With winds varying from five to 23 knots across the racecourse, the team fought to get to the finish line.


In Act 2 over in Muscat, 11 top teams battled it out. Racing conditions were rough and temperatures were hot. Team The Wave took 1st place.


More recently in Act 3, Team Alinghi won, despite having one of the biggest crashes in the series’ history. The winds were rough. At the end of day three, only 13 points separated the top four teams.


Act 4 will kick off on June 26 in Russia – what are your predictions? Head over to our Twitter page and send us a Tweet with your predictions.  

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