Inaugural Heroes Regatta Honored Service Members

By Art Vasenius

Heroes Regatta

On Saturday May 10, 2014, as a volunteer coach I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Heroes Regatta in Long Beach, California. What an event! Area firefighters, lifeguards, and police officers sailed on eight of the Long Beach Yacht Club’s Catalina 37 Racing Sailboats next to myself and the other coaches. The event was held to honor our service members.

It was a beautiful day for sailing, with the sun being just breath taking and the breeze being nearly perfect. The event consisted of six races. At the end, two teams tied for first place — the LB Lifeguard Team and the LBPD Detective Team, with the Lifeguards (my team) ultimately winning.

Winners Trophy

The trophy that was awarded to the winning team, pictured, was made from twisted metal from the World Trade Center. As noted by, the trophy was a reminder of our fallen heroes.

Sky to Sea Images took these stunning images, all of which can be found via their website.

Sky to Sea Sky to Sea
Sky to SeaSky to Sea

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