Our Top 5 Extreme Sailing Video Picks

One of the many reasons sailing can sometimes be described as extreme is because it’s done in hazardous conditions such as in hurricane weather. We’ve searched the web for eye-catching extreme sailing videos. Of the hundreds of videos we found, the following stood out the most to us.

1. Eye of the Storm – Hurricane Ivan

A group of sailors hit the water in 2004 in the wake of Hurricane Ivan. This video highlights their journey. A terrifying ride, their sailboat crashed.

2. Extreme Catamaran Sailing

This video captures an F18 catamaran boat sailing Archipelago Raid, an extreme race of 100,000 islands. The helmsman and crew sailed in the Baltic Sea.

3. Extreme Sailing Competition in Muscat

Highlights from the Extreme Sailing Competition in Muscat just last month. It was a close race! The winds were smooth and the seas were perfect.

4. Climbing the Mast

In the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, Tom Way climbed the mast and out on the spinnaker pole. This video features footage from his venture.

5. Sailing the BT Challenge

If you love sailing as much as we do, this video will surely get your heat pumping. While the clarity of the video could be better, this video offers some stunning footage from the BT Challenge 2000/01.

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