Snipe Jib Sail PS-5 All Purpose

Snipe Jib Sail PS-5 All Purpose QTM-Snipe_jib
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Item #: QTM-Snipe_jib
Snipe Jib Sail PS-5 All Purpose

Product Details

  • USD 495.00
  • Construction Type: Cross Cut
  • Sail Type: Racing Jib
  • Area: 100.00 sq ft, 9.29 sq m

Thisjib uses the Dimension/Polyant 130 HTP Squared cloth and very largecorner patches for added durability and shape holding capability. Moredraft forward than the V-4, this jib is usable in all conditions, butis recommended for those sailing predominantly in medium to strongerwinds and choppier sea conditions. By adding the PS-5 to the inventory,one can greatly extend the life of the Mylar jib by using the lighterjib in only the lower half of the wind range
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