Seitech C420 / CFJ Dolly

Seitech C420 / CFJ Dolly lp70013
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Item #: lp70013

The Seitech C420 Dolly is custom designed for the 420 shape. The length, width and weight are taken into account for a better fit. This dolly is tested to handle the weight of the 420 and has weathered the weight of thousands of college and Club 420s, and miles of human-powered pulling. Life of the 420 dolly lasts longer than the life of most boats.

This dolly configuration has a double centerline (tongue) tube for boats over 250 pounds, like the Club 420, 49er, MC Scow, large inflatables and large aluminum boats.


Seitech dollies are beautifully engineered and crafted. Perfectly balanced, light-weight designs with low-friction wheel bearings make moving and launching a breeze. Whether you are a child launching an Optimist, an athlete preparing your C420 or Laser for a regatta, or an older adult launching your kayak or aluminum boat, there is a design to fit your needs. Perfectly. Each one is carefully engineered down to the smallest detail to give you many years of smooth, trouble-free service.

• Corrosion-proof and maintenance-free

• Round-cornered, structural-grade anodized aluminum

• Superior balance and ergonomic handle design make for easy pulling

• Glass-reinforcced, UV-protected, through-bolted plastic joint components

• Simplified design for fast assembly

• Three-inch wide, non-stretch sling for best the storage and easy retrieval in wavy conditions

• Easily broken down at splice joint and T-joint for quick trunk storage

• Tubeless ATV knobby tread tires with low friction Delrin needle bearings roll easily on all surfaces

This C420 dolly comes with standard Seitech wheels. There is an available upgrade to the Seitech F wheels, which are larger (18.5" x 9.5") in order to easily move boats over sand and rocks.

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