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RS Quba RS10048
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Item #: RS10048
Easy – learn and love It
  • Super stable hull with wide waterline
  • Wide side decks encourage sailors to sit within the stable area of the hull yet comfortable when hiking too.
  • Balanced rig with the center of effort and mainsheet block well forward so that tacking and gybing are trouble free.

Simple Fun
  • Great handling and superior performance – just like every RS.
  • Enhanced rocker shape gives good light wind speed even for heavier sailors, and keeps the bow up to promote planing in the breeze
  • More speed – easier handling – more fun!
  • Raised foredeck – sheds spray and keeps the cockpit drier

  • Roomy and rewarding for adults
  • Easily handled by one or two youngsters
  • Choice of Sport and Pro rig sizes
  • Mainsail track and halyard system so stepping the mast is simple and it can remain stepped in the dinghy park
  • Class-leading cockpit comfort – deep and wide with perfectly positioned hiking strap for adults as well as youngsters
  • Optional rowing kit

Strong – and highly durable
  • Polyethelene (PE3) construction - state of the art three layer rotomoulding system
  • Toughest outer skin - middle foam layer for stiffness - strong inner skin
  • RS process leads the way & enables additional thickness in high load areas
  • Reduces overall weight for better sailing - every RS offers the best performance and most rewarding
  • Beam: 4'6" (1.42m)
  • Hull weight: 128lb (58kg)
  • Sport Reefing Sail: 61 sq ft (5.7sq m)
  • Pro fully battened Sail: 76 sq ft (7.1sq m)
  • Jib (Optional): 13sq ft (1.2sq m)
  • 2-part alloy mast
  • Alloy Boom
  • PU molded daggerboard
  • PU molded rudder plade
  • Lifting handle with rubber grip
  • Aft hand holds
  • Padded toe strap
  • Capsize righting line
  • Rowlock sockets
  • Roller-reefing system
  • Mainsheet ratchet block

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