Wichard OCR Tether 7007

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OCR Tether Wichard 7007 7007
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Item #: Wichard_7007
Compliant quick release and stress indicator with double action hook.
OCR Tether Wichard
This new elastic tether complies with ORC regulations applicable to ocean racing. Fitted with a quick opening snap shackle on the harness side, and an overload indicator.  

Elastic harness tether. Retracts from 2 to 1 meter, with overload indicator, double action safety hook and quick opening snap shackle.

The O.C.R. rule for the Stress indicator reads: "A safety line purchased in 1/2001 or later should have a colored flag embedded in the stitching, to indicate an overload. A line which has been overloaded shall be replaced as a matter of urgency."


TETHERS - Each crew member shall have a harness, safety line not more than 2m long with a snap hook at each end and

At least 30% of the crew shall, in addition to the above, be provided with either,
A safety line not more than 1m long or
A mid-point snap hook on an existing 2m safety line

A safety line purchased in 1/2001 or later shall have a colored flag embedded in the stitching, to indicate an overload. A line which has been overloaded shall be replaced as a matter of urgency  Required for categories 0 1 2 3

JACKLINES to be made from webbing or uncoated stainless steel wire of at least 4500lbs. breaking strength and attached to through-bolted or welded deck plates or other suitable strong anchorages. Jacklines to run port and starboard of the yachts centerline to provide secure attachment for safety harness. Required for Categories 0 1 2 3

Clipping Points- Strong anchorage points adjacent to stations such as the helm, sheet winches, and masts, where crewmembers work for long periods. Together with jacklines and static safety lines shall enable a crewmember to clip on before coming on deck, unclip after going below and be able to move about the boat with minimum of clipping and unclipping. Required for categories 0 1 2 3

Stoppers- On Category 0 and FICO events requires that jacklines be equipped at each of their ends with a stopper aimed at blocking the loop of the safety harness if the anchorage of the jackline breaks.

Re-Board System – On category 0 and FICO events, A system allowing the crewmember who has fallen overboard to climb back on board without assistance must be in place, including when the boat is up turned.

Warning: U-bolts or eyebolts of small diameter can cause carabiners and snaphooks to "rollout" or "capsive" when rotated on one leg of the u-bolt so that the gate bears against the other leg. For this reason the use of plain snaphooks is not recommended.

FICO stands for the Forum International de la Course Oceanique. This organization in conjunction with the ORC, sets additional safety standards for races such as the Vendee Globe and Quebec-San Malo where additional steps need to be taken to assure safety at sea.

Please check  Special Regulations for Offshore Sailing @ www.orc.org for all rules and prescriptions.
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