North Sails Optimist XM-08 X-Cut Mainsail

North Sails Optimist XM-08 X-Cut Mainsail NS-XM-08
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Item #: NS-XM-08
XM-08 X-Cut Mainsail
Sailor weight: less than 75 lbs/34 Kg
Wind Range: 0-25 knots (All-Purpose)  

Very forgiving sail to trim, but their number one selling point is their durability. For beginner racers, durability is important because at this stage of their optimist career, it is rare that they will have a practice sail and a racing sail.  They usually need one sail that can be used as both.

Mainsail standard features:

  • CrossCut Construction
  • Mylar Window
  • Active Leech
  • IODA Button
  • Tell Tails
  • Sail Bag
  • Sail Number Installation (if sail # is provided)
  • Sail Ties

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