Magic Marine Metalite Pant Long

Magic Marine Metalite Pant Long mm.15001.110160
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Item #: MM 01.150105 Metalite Pant Long
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Heat-reflecting 1.5 mm

1.5 mm metalite coated neoprene pants for warm to normal days on the water. Flexible, ultra lightweight suit with reinforced seat, knees and shins. A developed combination fabric which helps to stay cool or remain warm as needed. Suit can be worn with the propads and endurance pads.


  • Heat reflecting thermal insulation
  • Ultra lightweight (minimal water absorption)
  • 4waystretch supertex reinforced seat part, knees & shinbones
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Propads attachment capability


  • 1.5mm Metalite
  • 4-Way stretch supertex seat part & knees

*Metalite Layering*

Light weight performance fabric providing a weather barrier which adapts to different environments with the help of the heat reflective coating next to the skin.


Outside layer - soft woven nylon weatherproof lining
Blocks water penetration and has a soft touch finish with ample stretch. This shell is water resistant. Metalite can be worn as a single base layer with water repellant and thermal features or as a first layer underneath a wetsuit to provide a thermal feature.

Inside layer - metalite coating (heat reflective)
A heat refelctive coating, which regulates a stable body temperature in warm or cold conditions.

Mid-layer - light weight 0.5mm foam

Provides warmth and enables full stretch. Enabels heat transfer through the pores.


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