Lido 14 Main Sail

Lido 14 Main QTM-L14.main
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Item #: QTM-L14.main

1st, 2nd, 3rd 2009 W.D Schock Regatta
1st 2009 Midwinters
1st, 2nd, 3rd at the 2008 Class Championships
1st in the 2008 Silver Class Championships
1st and 2nd 2008 District 2 Champs
1st Fleet 7 Invitational

Product Details

  • Construction Type: Cross Cut
  • Sail Type: Racing Mainsail
  • Area: 100.00 sq ft, 9.29 sq m

The goal of this proven fast design was to create a sail that has "easy speed." Because Lido racing is usually on short courses, there isn't much time to spend with finicky sails that are hard to trim. You need a sail that can stand up and roar without much attention. The AL-3 continues to take advantage of the Dimension/Polyant 165 HTP Squared and 130 HTP Squared cloth, both very light weight, firm finish cloths. The mainsail panel layout utilizes a rocked panel plan to limit stretch, creating a sail that is both stable and highly durable. This approach has created a flatter sail shape for easier trim in the drifters while still remaining powerful for heavier teams and medium winds.

Includes Class Royalty

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