Lido 14 Jib

Lido 14 Jib QTM-L14.Jib
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Item #: QTM-L14.Jib

Product Details

  • USD 408.00
  • Construction Type: Cross Cut
  • Sail Type: Racing Jib
  • Area: 100.00 sq ft, 9.29 sq m

New for 2008 is the L-6 jib. We have completely redesigned our Lido jib to be fast over a wide range of conditions as well as provide a sail that will last longer than any other jib over the past 50 years of Lido racing. The foot and entry have been given more power, and we have changed the panel layout to better utilize the dynamic properties of the dacron cloth. To improve durability, we focused on the wear areas of this sail and integrated tougher materials where it was needed. This sail now utilizes the Dimension/Polyant 130 HTP Squared in the entire sail. The firmer 130 cloth is better able to handle the foot, clew and head loading and mast beating. All of these changes combine to make the sail more forgiving to trim (a little tighter sheet than before), and letting you concentrate on the "Big Picture" instead of hunting for that perfect jib trim. Cloth and dseign changes in 2008 will translate to a longer lasting sail that is simple to use. Bottom line - better value and a faster sail than ever before!

Includes Class Royalty

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