4.7 Laser Sail for Practice & Recreation Sailing

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i-Sails Laser Practice & Recreation Sail for the Laser training reproduce faithfully the behavior and feel of the official ILCA sail, with better durability.
i-sails' goal in designing a replacement sail for Lasers is to replicate (and not improve...) the performance and feel of class-legal sails, so that our sail can be used for realistic training. You can then save your official sails for official events. Our sails are also used for friendly , non sanctioned events, rental fleets, sailing schools, etc. These sails (Standard, Radial, 4.7) are made in a high end dinghy dacron, weighing 160g/Sqm (3,73 smoz) - designed for durability. They are computer cut; and sewn and finished by hand.The package includes a sail bag (tube bag to receive the mast top with the sail rolled on it), battens and 6 tell tales, un-installed.

Laser practice & Recreation sails to replace the official ILCA sails for Recreation & Training sailing at a much lower cost.

i-Sails™ (Standard, 4.7,  and Radial) are made with a high end dinghy Dacron and reproduce faithfully the behavior and feel of the official ILCA sail, with better durability . With our sails you can train with intensity as much as you want - without spending the money on officially stamped ILCA sails.... and you can save your expensive ILCA sail for sanctioned regattas.  We also offer fleet deals. 

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includes battens, telltails, and bag.

Note: We offer fleet deals and also can custom manufacture your laser sails in a heavier cloth, for maximum durability in intensive use in rental fleets, etc (not recommended for race training as the heavier cloth somewhat modifies the sail behavior and feel).
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