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Anchor gloves were created to meet the needs of people who want superior grip with less effort. In order to maximize the human ability to grab, pull and lift items that are difficult to grab hold of, Anchor Gloves combine unique materials that allow anyone who wears them to experience the luxury of Anchor Traction Technology.
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Anchor Traction Technology is a patent pending combination of specific materials placed on strategic areas of the glove in order to increase a person’s ability to grab, lift or pull. It is comprised of two major sections, the “Friction Layer” and “Grip Layer.” Both have been developed after extensive testing of various materials with the overall mission of creating a product that will be unparalleled by any other glove on the market.

The “Friction Layer” is found on the fingers as shown in the drawings and corresponding pictures below. It is comprised of a ballistic material that was chosen not only for its ability to grip, but also its durability.

The “Grip Layer” is a silicone material covering most of the palm area. This layer is the anchor that helps the hand grip the object being handled. These materials combined with the light-weight, durable, and easily breathing nylon base glove, create a level of grip support never before seen on the market.

GenderMale & Unisex
Clothing TypeGloves
Junior SizingNo

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Gary Thies 1D 35 "Revolution" Mastman The week of 1/21/13 I was at Quantum Key West Race week. This year I was the Mastman on a 1D35. While hoisting the jibs and spinnakers, I would struggle with my grip on the halyards, especially when I reached the stripped part of the halyard. On Thurs. morning Farley Fontenot showed up at the boat wiyh a pair of Anchor Glove Co. gloves. He said "They are Mastman gloves and I should give them a try." The grip was great! Every set went off without any problems. I had no slipping even when I reached the stripped part of the halyards. I plan on using the Anchor Gloves when I race until they loose their grip surface or Farley asks for them back!
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Dave Armitige Transpac 52 "Interlodge" Main Trim Lead designer at Quantum Sails I thought the gloves were very good. I was initially nervous, the material on the palm wouldn't allow me to smoke the sheet through my hands like I need to in bear away situations. This proved not to be the case. The material on the palm was great and allowed me to ease and also gave plenty of grip while trimming. The material on the fingers held up pretty well. These were short fingered gloves so the stitching on ends takes a beating and it is pretty common for this part of the glove to break down quickly. These did break down a bit but probably not as quickly as other gloves I've used. Overall I give them High Marks. Having now used them, I would definitely buy them if they were available in stores. Whatever the material is in the palm.... It is good stuff!!
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