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OluKai means
"Life of the Ocean".

OluKai sandals feature modern designs, exotic detailing, technical shapes, and rich materials. This results in sandals with superior comfort and quality with a distinctive style. Simply put, OluKai sandals are luxurious and you will feel the superior comfort and see the quality craftsmanship once you try them on.

"The ocean is what grounds us. It connects us to something beyond ourselves: our history, our community, our planet. The islands are what inspire us. We draw from the relaxed lifestyle, pure and diverse ecosystems, comfortable climate, and close sense of family. OluKai was conceived from a desire to create a better class of products for the life we live in and around the water. And in every facet of our business, we’re committed to respecting the people and the environments we touch.

There is a strong tradition of giving an offering or tribute in Polynesian culture. Our philosophy at OluKai is to support the efforts of those who continue to give back to preserve local cultures and traditions. We do this through our ‘Ohana, or family. We established the OluKai ‘Ohana Giveback Program to support people working to preserve and enjoy Hawaiian culture. Our ‘Ohana includes the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association and Junior Guard Program, Maui Cultural Lands, and Team OluKai of the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association. Each year we contribute time, resources, and a percentage of our sales to support the ‘Ohana initiatives.

We are committed to be environmentally responsible manufacturers as well as pledging to actively support and work for a clean environment and a better quality of life."

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