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Some revolutions are not begun with a bang or a shout. Some revolutionsquietly appeal to the senses, the intellect and even the soul. They are born out of constant thought and intense passion to effect change and to drive progress. At Kaenon Polarized, we strive to evolve our world optically. This pursuit has led us to create the most advanced polarized lens technology on the planet.

We have developed a radically new lens material, purpose-built lens tints,and re-engineered polarizing elements. Collaborating with legendary designers like Alain Mikli, we are also on the cutting edge of eye wear design. For the first time, superior polarized optics are available in Sport and Street styles. All of our work is dedicated to enhancing the performance of athletes and others who demand the highest quality eye wear. It is in the spirit of competition - and that quiet zone of perfection - where we cultivate our innovative ideas that are changing the eyewear industry.

So it is no wonder that our revolution begins not with a mindless shout, but an intelligent whisper.
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