Technical Info: GORE-TEX® Fabric Technology


How Does GORE-TEX® Work?
Widely regarded as the ultimate fabric for outer garments, it is the most durably waterproof and highly breathable material available.

The bicomponent microporus GORE-TEX® membrane is used either as a drop liner between the inner and outer garment layers, as a inter-liner or as the outer shell itself.

  1. Moisture vapor escapes 
  2. Rain, snow and wind stay out
  3. Outer material
  4. GORE-TEX® membrane
  5. Lining

The original breathable GORE-TEX® fabric uses the standard GORE-TEX® membrane. We've bonded an outer layer of durable, woven nylon to it and created a material that's an excellent choice for the shell of Middle Layer garments.  

GORE-TEX, GORE-TEX GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®, Paclite®, WINDSTOPPER®, GORE® and design are registered trade marks of W L GORE & Associates.

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