Musto 3 Layer System

Which Layers Work Best?

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What is the Three Layer System?

The Musto 3-Layer System:

More and more yachtsmen and women are benefiting from the Musto 3-Layer System. Whilst the concept behind it is simple, the fabric technology makes use of the most efficient materials available.

Here’s how it works:

Water transmits heat 30 times faster than air. This means that wet skin gets cold 30 times quicker than dry skin. So, to keep warm in the worst conditions, the first goal is to stay as dry as possible. To achieve this, your clothing must transport body moisture away from the skin, retain warm air close to the body and keep water out.

Tht’s exactly what Musto’s 3-Layer System does – in three lightweight, non-restrictive layers: the Base Layer, the Middle Layer and the Outer Layer.

1 – The Base Layer

2 - The Middle Layer

3 – The Outer Layer

More information:

Musto, which started the revolution in 1981, now offers comprehensive guidance on how to build and balance your 3-layer system.

The fact that waterproof sailing kit is breathable means that you must take on board that the underlayers worn with it must be compatible in terms of breathability. 

And breathables vary – from the outstanding performance of Ocean Technology fabrics from W L Gore which are totally waterproof yet, with an ePTFE liner, provide the utmost in breathability, irrespective of humidity, temperature or windchill and, most important, your sweat-producing work rate. 

Since 1994, when Musto first introduced the HPX waterproof/breathable range of foul weather clothing, the company has established MPX, also based on Gore fabric technology. 

The mid and base layers worn with these Jackets, Smocks and Trousers should be selected with the same amount of care and understanding of fitness for purpose as the top layers, which protect against the weather.  Indeed, more discomfort can be caused by perspiration than spray or driving rain.  Greater level of exercise causes body temperature and levels of sweating to rise.  With the right clothing combination, it can be vented straight through the clothing system, assisted by the positive pressure created by the body’s heat.

Match the breathability
To facilitate the expelling of perspiration, it must be lifted off the skin by wicking and converted into a vapour which is then transported by the middle layers to the atmosphere beyond the outer, breathable, waterproof layer!

Having layers which are incompatible in terms of breathability will lead to the 3-layer system being defeated and sweat being retained close to the body or between the layers. 

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