Spinlock Flying With Your Life Jacket

Flying with your inflatable life jacket

The International Aviation Regulations under IATA state that airline passengers are allowed to fly with an inflatable life jacket and up to two spare C0² cylinders per life jacket. However individual airlines can overrule these regulations with their own safety regulations and prevent passengers from taking cylinders on board.

It is advisable to tell the airline in advance that you wish to fly with your life jacket. At the check in desk, tell the airline about your life jacket and C0² cylinders to save any confusion later and to prevent your luggage being opened and the life jacket removed.

Experience has shown it eventually depends on the person at the check-in desk and their knowledge of the subject. If you explain the need and the purpose of your life jacket and bottle, they will hopefully make an effort to clarify the individual airline regulations in place.

Additionally, having a copy of the IATA Regulations at check-in doesn't hurt:

USA Update

Effective August 4, 2007, the USA TSA (Transportation Security Administration) again permits the passing of CO2 cylinders with an Inflatable PFD through their security checkpoints.
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