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Zhik Shell

"The IsoTak material follows the Zhik Philosophy into Dry gear. With a new non-porousinternal membrane technology, this fabric will not clog up with salt ordecompose, yet still sustain very high breathability.

More Durable: Micropourous membrane means that it is not going to stretch or get clogged. In additional we use 1000d cordura throughout and the seams are pre-glued before seam sealing, so this gear is going to last longer

Lighter: all the unnecessary items have been taken off ISOTAK to ensure only the key features have been used to minimize weight.

Higher Breathability & Waterproofness:: Plus the three layer fabric has been selected to ensure maximum lightness, comfort whilst maximizing breathability & waterproofness.

The gear will cover people off for a larger range of sailing gear than they have in the past. Gone are the days where you need to buy yourself a set of inshore & Offshore gear- ISOTAK is the all in one…
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