Why We’re Thankful for Sailing


Why We're Thankful for Sailing

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve been doing some reflecting on what we’re thankful for. One thing in particular is sailing. We’ve put together some of the reasons why we’re thankful for this sport and hobby and how sailing has touched us and our friends and families throughout the years.


  1. Freedom. One of our employees said sailing makes them feel free. When they are out on the water and the wind is blowing in their hair, they feel free and alive.
  2. Self-confidence. One of our employees who has a younger daughter who sails said sailing has taught her self-confidence. “I’ve made my fair share of mistakes when sailing but I was taught to keep going. As I get better and better, my self-confidence goes up.”
  3. It’s a great workout. Our owner spoke with one of his friends who sails and he said he’s thankful for sailing because it helps keep him healthy. He does dinghy sailing, which is a watersport.
  4. It’s fun! All of our employees who sail agree that sailing is fun and is a great hobby.
  5. New experiences. “Sailing opens my eyes to new and exciting experiences. I get to see new places and make memories,” said one of our customers.
  6. New friends. One of our owner’s relatives is in a sailing club. Through the sailing club, he has met a ton of new people and has made a lot of new friends. “I’m thankful for sailing because it introduced me to some pretty awesome people who I can call close friends.”
  7. For many of the above reasons and so many more, our owner is thankful for sailing because it allowed him to turn one of his passions into a business. When he’s not on the water, he gets to work with sailing clothing, sailing gear, sailboats, and more. “Opening up Sailing Pro Shop has been a dream come true,” he said.
  8. New skills. Many of the people we talked to said through sailing they gained new skills and improved some of their current skills such as leadership skills and communication skills.

Why are you thankful for sailing? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know. And, on behalf of all of us at Sailing Pro Shop - Happy Thanksgiving!

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