Five Learn to Sail Programs for Kids

Teaching a child to sail will not only get them active this summer, but can teach them things that they will carry with them through life. In addition, sailing teaches self-confidence, gives them a sense of direction and offers them a sense of spatial awareness. The following five programs across the U.S. were designed with children in mind.

Clearwater Community Sailing CenterClearwater, FL- Clearwater Community Sailing Center (CCSC)              
The CCSC offers tons of different sailing programs for kids. One that we would recommend would be the O’pen Bic Team. ThiThe CCSCs program is wonderful because it allows kids from ages 8 to 14 to really delve into the world of racing. The O’pen Bic boats are designed for easier handling for kids so they can really get out on the open water and let loose.

Boston, MA-
Community Boating Inc. (CBI)
Community Boating Inc. is the oldest, continually running sailing school in the nationsince 1946. Their owners believe their success drives from their needs to help their community. Sailing can be costlyand CBI helps to reduce the economic strain by offering sailing programs at very reasonable rates. Their Junior Sailing Program is run on a sliding scale and students can even apply for scholarships with CBI. One of the most amazing things that they offer is that all kids who take part in the program is that when they are not in a class, they can go and join in on open sailing free of charge.

Charleston, SC-
Charleston Community Sailing (CCS)

Charleston Community Sailing offers programs for children starting at the age of five. The Guppy Program was specially designed to teach younger kids how to feel comfortable on boats and around large amounts of water. The children participate in activities that include arts and crafts and games that teach safety and confidence through sailing. Beginner Sailing is a wonderful program for students who are ready to get out on the Water. CSS uses new Open BIC boats that gives sailors of all ages new freedoms on the water. 

Long Beach, CA-
United States Sailing Center (USSC)

For one week your child can be immersed in the Kids Sailing Camps in Long Beach. USSC has proven to teach children the fundamentals of sailing. In groups, with their instructor of course, they’ll sail Alamitos Bay. After the week, the kids graduate from their programs among their new friends and family members.

Newport Beach, CA-
The School of Sailing and Seamanship

Newport Beach, CA- The School of Sailing and SeamanshipThe Junior Summer Program offers skills and sailing tips that kids will carry with them for a lifetime. A key feature that The School of Sailing and Seamanship offers is that the staff that teaches and guides the children are all US Sailing certified instructors who make learning fun on and off the water.

All of these programs offer so much for young sailors this summer so hoist your anchors and dive right into sailing. Make sure to browse our selection of One Design boats that are great for sailing for those of all ages.  


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