Review: The DexShell Coolvent Waterproof Sock

Do you know what’s worse than wet, cold feet? Nothing. That’s where the DexShell Coolvent Waterproof Sock comes in.

This is a new product that recently hit our shelves, and with all new products, we like to take them for “test drives”. Here is our review:

  • Moisture absorption is very high, ideal for any outdoor sport in a wet environment.
  • The DexShell Coolvent Lite sock, we really liked as it was lighter even more breathable and does truly eliminate “stinky feet” (it has an anti0bacterial feature that reduces bad odor).
  • Drip-dries fast.
  • No blistering after several long days on the water. Although we have read elsewhere that the hard seem across the toe was uncomfortable for a couple people. That is going to depend on the shoe and your foot. For us, it was fine.
  • Buy a size bigger if you are in between sizes. Here is a size chart:

Size Chart

These are definitely going to be a hit with our customers. Grab a pair now!

Dexshell Coolvent Lite 
Waterproof Socks 

 Dexshell Coolvent  
Waterproof Socks 


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