Best Places to Sail

Sailing gear... check. Sailing clothing... check. Sailing safety... check. Now, where to sail? Here are five places from the West Coast to the East Coast that we highly recommend taking your boat out to in the near future.

San Francisco Bay

1. San Francisco Bay
On the West Coast the San Francisco Bay area is a prime location for sailing. Thanks to a great climate, you can sail it anytime of the year. The winds are consistent and suited for sailing comfortably. The scenery is always beautiful and there are plenty of shore side docks and support to accommodate your needs. Some of the best schools for sailing are located in the San Francisco Bay area so sailing in this area is especially favorable among students. The layout of the area and the consistency of the wind make it a favorite by many long-time sailors.

2. Between San Diego and Santa Barbara
South of San Francisco lie the beautiful cities of San Diego and Santa Barbara. The waters between these two West Coast cities are prime locations for coasting around slowly or racing at top speeds. The weather is accommodating to sailors who want to sail during any season. There are plenty of harbors and docks. Plus the area’s large bodies of water will often make you feel as if you have the water all to yourself.

Boothbay Harbor

3. Boothbay Harbor
If you reside in or are planning on visiting the East Coast, we highly recommend you take a trip up to Maine and sail around Boothbay Harbor. Picture this: 3,500 miles of coastline filled with pristine sailing waters, plenty of coves, and plenty of harbors. That’s what you get when you sail Boothbay.

4. Newport
For many sailors who reside on the East Coast, Newport, Rhode Island is a popular sailing destination. The sights are plentiful and there is no lacking of service on the seaside. Newport has deep-water harbors, a large bay with easy access to the ocean, and a wind that carries you quite comfortably no matter what the season is.

Biscayne Bay

5. Biscayne Bay
Heading further south on the East Coast is Biscayne Bay located in Miami, Florida. It has some of the most beautiful waters for sailing. With 35 miles of water from Miami to Key Largo, this area is one of the most serene places to sail. The waters are smooth, the temperatures are comfortable, and the breezes are fair. Don’t be surprised if after making a sailing trip here, you feel refreshed and renewed.

Did we miss any of your favorite places to sail? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what they are and why. And remember, for all your sailing clothing and sailing gear needs, visit our online store.

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