So-Cal Optimist - SoCal Series #3 at CBYC

Southern California Optimist  -SoCal Series #3 - CBYC 

Author: Nina 

We saw it all this past weekend: warm sunshine, blankets of fog, and moments of rain. The weather forecast was calling for one thing and as usual the other came in. I think one of the biggest challenges we face in racing is weather. We can tune our boats to a science. We can outfit ourselves with the most technical gear. We can practice, talk tactics and strategies. We can train over and over.. In the end we study the moments, apply our science and observe those around us while watching for those shifts and headers. 

The forecasts help us plan for one thing and here in Southern California we find ourselves crossing our? fingers hoping that it holds true. Once you get on the starting line you instantly connect to the moment. The planning and preparation is all for this moment.

In the end it becomes survival of the fittest. The winning formula is formed from whomever raced completely focused, while replaying the voices of their coach in their head, while working each puff at every single possible moment, staying focused and observant. Each of these second defines who we are as a sailor. It's more than just crossing your fingers and following your buddies around the buoys and hoping that you make it their first.  It's about applying your experiences from practice and races, listening to what your coach tells you, all while remembering to be completely open and observant of what is happening on your race course. As a young sailor you are trained by commitment and repetition. 

Parent dedication is a huge factor in youth sailing. We have parents that drive their kids 4 hours to practice on weekends. Others  like Caden's parents who are anchored for life to the sea. They are a family who made the decision to embrace this sport as their lifestyle and dedicate themselves to providing a healthy way of life that enriches them together as a family. We also see parents who are out on the race course hooting and hollering for our kids and do all they can to be there with cookies, to boost moral in between races,  in the pouring rain.

Opti sailing is more than a sport. We are challenging our children to compete on the biggest playing field on this planet. They are learning the importance of being prepared for anything at all times. There are huge life lessons to be learned from the sea. We are a family of sailors and we are here for you just like others were here for us when we were taking our first puffs in our sails. You are a part of a community that gives back constantly. Whether it's with advice, stories and tricks of the trades for you to pass on to those after you. It's how we keep this lifestyle alive it's how we keep it going. It's how we make our community bigger and better so we can get out on the water and race hard and feel the freedom of the wind in our sails. 

Sail Fast
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