5 Great Gifts for Sailors

Finishing up your holiday shopping but are still stumped on what to get the sailor in your life? We have a few ideas. Here are some sailing products that in our experience, sailors love.

Gill Hydrophobe Tops

1. Gill Hydrophobe Tops - On chilly days, your sailor can wear a Hydrophobe Top as a thermal layer. On warmer days, the top can be worn to help reduce wind chill. It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed. Your sailor will be able to easily move around in a Hydrophobe Top!

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Velocitek SpeedPuck

2. Velocitek SpeedPuck - This piece of sailing gear is a sailor’s best friend. Since sailing can be misleading, this device gives sailors the responsive boatspeed they need without any through-hull installation hassles. And hey, the boatspeed is accurate too. It’s easy to read and is waterproof. This little guy that’s 115mm / 4.5” diameter, 27 mm / 1.06” thick won a big award — the Practical Sailor 2013 Best Choice Award.

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Ronstan ClearStart Watches

3. Ronstan ClearStart Watches - They are innovative, functional, and shouldn’t cause you financial distress due to their affordable prices.

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Ronstan ClearStart Watches
NeilPryde Raceline Spray Top

4. NeilPryde Raceline Spray Top - This piece of sailing clothing is for the committed sportsboat and dinghy racer. It’s made from 100 percent breathable fabric, has a watertight internal pocket, and more.

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NeilPryde Elite Thermalite Bottoms

5. NeilPryde Elite Thermalite Bottoms - When your sailor needs to stay keep warm and comfortable, this sailing pant delivers. It’s lightweight and can be worn in conjunction with technical under garments.

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